[Mono-list] Compiling Various Libraries under Cygwin

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 00:45:49 -0800

I guess this raises a question that I've had about Mono for a while:

What kind of dependancies do you see being acceptable for the Mono
project as a whole?

I understand that your main goal is to provide an envoronment that will
make writing GNOME applications easier, and I understand that the CLR
will have necessary OS dependancies, but how about things like data
access, GUI and remoting/web services.

Take GUI, for example. The way I see it there's two ways to do it:
1) provide a C#-bindings wrapper for Gtk (or similar) that just exposes
that functionality directly to the C# programmer in a saparate
namespace. I see this as being a high level interface, ie the interface
is at the highest level of the underlying technology. 

2) provide a .NET-compatible (in this case WinForms-compatible)
interface that hides Gtk from the programmer, but may provide the
functionality at an unexposed level through Gtk.

I'm not familiar with Gtk, but I'd imagine that (1) would be easier to
implement. On the other hand (2) would obviously provide greater
compatibility with existing(!) .NET WebForms applications.

I guess the question is whether or not the goal is to provide a
.NET-compatible platform or a GNOME-based ECMA-compatible platform?

I'm bringing this up because if people are going to start working on
GUIs, data access, web interop, xml, etc... It would be useful to know
if they should base their work on the Microsoft stuff, or head off in
another direction. Maybe licensing issues play a part here?


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> Has anybody been able to compile certain libraries under Cygwin?
> - Orbit
> - OAF
> - Bonobo
> - GConf
> - any others...

Wow.  This is a significant amount of dependencies.


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