[Mono-list] GTK# Help

Amerigo5 Amerigo5 amerigo5@hotmail.com
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 10:37:16 -0600


I installed mono-0.17 and gtk-sharp-0.6 in Red Hat 8.0 and everything went 
well. Then , I tried the first sample from Gnome.Net tutorial (website) or 
even the sample that came with gtk-sharp source. I was able to successfully 
compile the .cs file but when I run it (mono test.exe), I am getting the 
error: "Failed to Load Library libgtksharpglue.so (gtksharpglue): 
libgtksharpglue.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or 

I have GTK1.2 and GTK2.0 that came with RH8.0 install. Please help. I tried 
to find the solution using the google search but I cannot find a solution.

Also, I cannot find the libgtksharpglue.so anywhere in my machine (using 
locate libgtksharpglue).

Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.


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