[Mono-list] Patches for TraceSwitch

Philippe Lavoie philippe.lavoie@cactus.ca
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 10:05:17 -0500

I feel your pain man. I also run into problems with the .config stuff.
Actually, it's worst than that for my cases. It seems that nunit forks a
new application when doing the tests. My tests need to be run inside a
web server context so calling classX.testSometing() works but calling it
through the nunit framework fails.

It might not be due to the lost of web server context, might just be due
to lost of .config information. It's a real bitch to solve.


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I just committed unit tests for TraceSwitch, but there will be problems
with actually *running* the unit tests until somebody can tell me how to
deal with .config files from within NUnit.  See the (going nowhere)
thread "Testing .config files".

 - Jon