[Mono-list] Mono Strategy

Guy Murphy guy.murphy@calaba.com
Thu, 4 Oct 2001 15:41:27 +0100

> I think Mono Project is a strategy - error.
> It  is a mistake to follow Microsoft technology because MS will try ever
> to couple their products to Windows.

The point of dependency is clearly identified as being within the Microsoft
namespace, in the same way that one might have a Gnome or Apple namespace.
This is not uncommon, one may find Python modules labeled with a dependency
upon a particular OS for example. This does not make the Python language
unsafe, nor the bulk of its library that is not marked with a platform

There are key parts of the .NET framework however that are being
standardised (through ECMA), and I'd be interested to know how you see
persuing the standardised parts as hazardous, and why we should not be
equaly wary of something like say ECMAScript?

As a Web developer I am not unique in having fallen instantly in love with
.NET... if you're interested I can perhaps recount some of the reasons why
in private e-mail I fell in love with it, and why I feel I am a reasonable
example of a significant demographic of web developer.

I'd of been happier in trusting the negative reactions of people to .NET if
there'd been half the negative reaction of Java not going through ECMA than
there has been negative reaction despite C# and the BCL going through the
ECMA process.

I personaly believe that the reasons for these reactions (and not
necessarily yours) are well understood, and have more to do with religion
than technology.

(If I sound terse it after having read a spurious and unsubstantiated
areticle based upon a "research paper" about how .NET is a virus threat...
WARNING! C++ code can wipe you hard disk! *shock*)

If you have specific concerns I'm sure they can be addressed, and indeed may
benefit the Mono project.