[Mono-list] Mono Strategy

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Oct 2001 12:00:54 -0400

> If Ximian tries to create a framework technology to Linux/UNIX, other
> strategy would be leverage GNOME/Gtk foundation to C++ (gcc 3.01 is very
> standar now), decoupling of intel specific hardware dependencies, use a
> garbage collector over C++, and develop thinking it must be portable, as
> is, to the cygwin, a POSIX like layer over Windows (very mature now!).

I think you missed some of our reasons to work on Mono:

	* Cross Language Integration.

	* Robust type checking and error handling (Look at any GNOME
          API, and you will see defensive programming in action).

	* C# the language is a very clean language, in the same league
          as Java.  I would not want to have to maintain/deal with

	* Some of us do not like C++ as a programming language.

	* .NET will very likely become a very large platform if only
          because of all the marketing and Microsoft penetration is