[Mono-list] Mono Strategy

jmarranz@dii.etsii.upm.es jmarranz@dii.etsii.upm.es
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 11:24:26 +0200


I think Mono Project is a strategy - error.
It  is a mistake to follow Microsoft technology because MS will try ever
to couple their products to Windows.

If Ximian tries to create a framework technology to Linux/UNIX, other
strategy would be leverage GNOME/Gtk foundation to C++ (gcc 3.01 is very
standar now), decoupling of intel specific hardware dependencies, use a
garbage collector over C++, and develop thinking it must be portable, as
is, to the cygwin, a POSIX like layer over Windows (very mature now!).

Objective: develop a framework similar to Java but flexible, powerfull
(POSIX API and a powerfull framework object oriented layer easy to use
and less error-prone), portable to UNIX and Windows worlds, and great
performance unlike bytecode based technologies as Java and C#.

Best wishes to your new enterprise venture.

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