[Mono-list] Embrace and extend.

Peter Drayton peter@razorsoft.com
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 00:04:56 -0700

Got it! Thanks for the official answer, Miguel. :-)

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> > However, your comment raises the question "which standard - .NET or
> > ECMA?"
> .NET is what people will be targeting, so we should pick up as much as
> possible there.  The process so far seems to be to standarize various
> parts of .NET through ECMA, which gives us a very good reference for
> implementing those parts of .NET
> As Sam has said in the past, the idea would be to provide the
> "profiles" required to be ECMA-compliant and .NET compliant.
> Through these profiles (basically, different subsets of the class
> libraries) you can target different environments, and this is
> something that should be quite doable with our class libraries: an
> embedded system, a desktop machine, a server machine and so on.
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