[Mono-list] Embrace and extend.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
24 Jul 2001 00:05:52 -0400

> However, your comment raises the question "which standard - .NET or
> ECMA?"

.NET is what people will be targeting, so we should pick up as much as
possible there.  The process so far seems to be to standarize various
parts of .NET through ECMA, which gives us a very good reference for
implementing those parts of .NET

As Sam has said in the past, the idea would be to provide the
"profiles" required to be ECMA-compliant and .NET compliant.

Through these profiles (basically, different subsets of the class
libraries) you can target different environments, and this is
something that should be quite doable with our class libraries: an
embedded system, a desktop machine, a server machine and so on.