[Mono-list] Embrace and extend.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
24 Jul 2001 00:03:16 -0400

I just want to complement what has been said already on the mailing

> For extending : Microsoft's class library is very minimal in some
> area's.  The System.Security.Cryptography library feels really bare.
> They do not even implement BlowFish.  Why should we not implement
> something just because Microsoft didn't?

I think that this is possible to do.  We just have to make sure that
this code lives in a separate assembly, that way code compiled for
Mono on Unix will work on the Microsoft CLR.

As someone else pointed out, the big benefit will be to run
applications unchanged, and hence it makes sense to distribute
assemblies with improved functionality to Windows users as well.

So a collection of nice utility functions could be available to
developers to .NET developers on Windows.  More users of the
libraries means more contributions, bug fixes and improvements. 

So all in all, you want to make sure you do something as compatible
as possible.