[Mono-list] Icky... no... evil... (was: BASIC, Compilers and Salutations)

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
11 Jul 2001 19:43:47 -0400

> Everything I know about law has been learned from watching court
> dramatizations, so I'm no authority, but this is bugging the hell out of me.
> The problem ends up getting more basic, though.  It isn't just crtdll.dll
> you need to worry about, it is kernel32.dll, and shell32.dll.  It isn't just
> VC++, it's Windows itself.  GPL software must link with DLLs and share a
> memory space with these DLLs that are a part of the OS no matter what
> compiler they were written using, at some point you get to the level of the
> OS.

The GPL allows this particular instance to be ok.  Read the section
that talks about `System Libraries'.

If this was not the case, it would have been impossible to write GNU
tools until GNU libc was fully implemented.