[Mono-list] Icky... no... evil... (was: BASIC, Compilers and Salutations)

Martin Coxall martin.coxall@itouch.co.uk
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:22:49 +0100

> I've been reading over the GPL a few times, and I would say "yes, you can't
> do GPL work with MS VC++".  The initial thing that hits me isn't even the
> runtimes dlls but that runtime code is placed in the actual binary whether
> you use the DLL form or not for purposes of initializing global variables.
> This is software in every sense of the word that MS has written and has
> even included a commercial "just for use when debugging" license to along
> with VC++, you can step through it and look at it.

I know that RMS is familiar with the shortcomings of the current GPL, and 
plans to resolve these ambiguities in version 3. Perhaps now would be the 
time to seek clarification from him?


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