[Mono-list] BASIC, Compilers and Salutations

Sebastien Lambla sebastien.lambla@6sens.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:15:30 +0200

Hi Mark,

<< 2) I've not read Microsoft's license thoroughly enough; is it OK to
develop GPL/LGPL code within Visual Studio.NET?  I'm thinking about the
recent Microsoft license that restricted the use of "viral license" tools
with their libraries.>>

The main problem in writing components in GPL with any of the Microsoft
libraries is that Microsoft is not willing to give source code access to its
libraries. Writing a GPL component based on a microsoft library would
automatically imply that these libraries are GPL'd, which obviously are not.
As such, your component can't be GPL'd. For the OS included libraries,
there's a special mention about not having to give the material (aka the
source code), but if we respect the GPL logic, they are still to be covered
by the GPL.

For LGPL, the problem is quite the same, as there's still, as far as I
understand it, a "requirement" for source code publishing of the linked

Claiming being GPL'd or LGPL'd and using MFCs or by extension the Microsoft
Implementation of the .net framework seems not to be doable in a GPL or LGPL

Using the tool to create the code is another issue. You can freely use a
tool to create an app as long as you don't link to non GPL software. Thus,
you can develop a .net application under GPL only if you link to a GPL'd
library and not to the microsoft one.

Sebastien Lambla