[Mono-list] BASIC, Compilers and Salutations

John Bäckstrand john.backstrand@e-game.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:25:35 +0200

how about crtdll.dll and msvcrt.dll? every .exe made with vc++ uses one of
does this mean that its impossible to do gpl/lgpl work with MS vc++ ?

> For LGPL, the problem is quite the same, as there's still, as far as I
> understand it, a "requirement" for source code publishing of 
> the linked
> modules.
> Claiming being GPL'd or LGPL'd and using MFCs or by extension 
> the Microsoft
> Implementation of the .net framework seems not to be doable 
> in a GPL or LGPL
> environment.
> Using the tool to create the code is another issue. You can 
> freely use a
> tool to create an app as long as you don't link to non GPL 
> software. Thus,
> you can develop a .net application under GPL only if you link 
> to a GPL'd
> library and not to the microsoft one.

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