[Mono-list] Remote Compiling

Derek Holden dholden@draper.com
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 07:10:02 -0400


Sorry about the hostname, it's an old registered dynamic dns service that a
friend had setup a while back, and I'm resurrecting it.


This is intended for the people on this list, mainly library developers who
are working on non windows platforms, but anyone can feel free to check it
out. If it starts to get abused I'll set up a uid/pw scheme for just people
who really need it.

The machine is not that fast. However, it's not hosted on a dial up line,
should be up 24/7, and seems to compile 2 KLOC files in a few seconds.

The machine is a standalone server. All it has on it is a web server and the
.NET Framework. It'd be pointless to hack or break.

I tested it on Netscape and IE. I made it require an outgoing content type
of 'text/plain'. On netscape you may need to goto Edit -> Preferences ->
Applications -> New Type (.cs) -> Mime Type: text/plain and check the box
for 'use this as outgoing type' or something.

The two checkboxes are just shortcuts for typical library compiler flags,
telling it not to warn of duplicate System namespace and not to complain if
the program is w/o an entry point.

Right now it lists the uploaded output file as 'temp.cs' in the output (this
is not the case, it's a random file name but temp.cs looks better than
131318y4198end32418.adsm34). If someone w/ more regex skills can tell me in
C# how to take a string of the form:

        "C:\Some\Where\Source.cs" or "/home/someone/Source.cs"

and get "Source.cs" from it, I'd appreciate it and have the output done
properly off uploaded names.

Let me know if there are any issues.