[Mono-list] Remote Compiling

Ricardo Fernández Pascual ric@users.sourceforge.net
16 Aug 2001 17:07:06 +0200

First of all, thank you again!

El día 16 Aug 2001 07:10:02 -0400, Derek Holden escribió:
> http://toilet.2y.net:8080/
[... snip ...]

> Right now it lists the uploaded output file as 'temp.cs' in the output (this
> is not the case, it's a random file name but temp.cs looks better than
> 131318y4198end32418.adsm34). If someone w/ more regex skills can tell me in
> C# how to take a string of the form:
>         "C:\Some\Where\Source.cs" or "/home/someone/Source.cs"
> and get "Source.cs" from it, I'd appreciate it and have the output done
> properly off uploaded names.
I don't think that you need any regex for this. I C# you can use
String.Split(char[]) and get the last element of the returned array.

> Let me know if there are any issues.
I have tested it and everything seems to work nice, except one thing: we
can't compile unit tests without NUnit installed (well, we can, but we
have to modify the file do it does not inherit from
NUnit.Framework.Testcase and stub a few methods).

Also, requiring the mime type to be text/plain makes me have to use
Netscape, because I can't seem to make Mozilla to use it (I haven't
looked too hard, but seems unimplemented already ??). No a big deal,
however ;-)

As a result of this testing, I have fixed some errors in the classes
that I previously sent. The result is at:
http://webs.ono.com/rfp/Queue.cs and

(Miguel: could you commit those to the cvs please?)


Ricardo Fernández Pascual
Murcia. España.