[Mono-list] Who is working on the IL VM?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
16 Aug 2001 14:45:16 -0400

> The runtime I discussed in my previous message would
> be capable of running both IL and JVM at the same time.
> Mono's architecture isn't capable of that without a
> massive re-design, which would turn it into a clone of
> Portable.NET.

Mono is implementing a .NET framework, runtime, classes and
compilers.  I think that having a runtime that can execute Java byte
codes and .NET bytecodes is an interesting excercise.

If that is the goal, I would probably start with OpenJIT, Kaffe, ORP,
Japhar, or any of the other fine Java VMs and adding support for .NET
byte codes.  Otherwise you will be duplicating a lot of work there
(just on the Java side, another non-competing JVM).

As for Mono: we are building a .NET runtime, not a universal byte code
interpreter (btw, you might want to consider using the new Perl
bytecode language, which is very nice as well, and might become the
foundation for dynamically typed languages).