[Mono-list] mono on FreeBSD, take 2

Garrett Rooney rooneg@electricjellyfish.net
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 23:05:17 -0400

so i had some free time and decided to take another crack at mono on freebsd.

note, this is with code a few days old, so if anything has changed lately,
this isn't taking that into account.

i wrote implementations of the is(whatever) math functions for freebsd
(basically just took the linux versions and used isnan() instead of
fpclassify().  that got everything compiling fine.

it looks like monodis is working fine (at least its output for a test program
i wrote seems reasonable).  pedump seems to work, except it complains about
fields in the CLI header that should be 0 but aren't.  the interpreter itself
is dying in ves_exec_method() at the CEE_CALL case, right as it calls

i haven't looked into this closer, as i wanted to verify that i'm actually
following the right procedure to run this thing.  i built the class libraries
on windows, and copied corlibx.dll to /usr/local/lib/corlib.dll, since
mono-int seems to want corlib.dll to be there.  then i just ran mono-int
test.exe where test.exe is a simple c# program i wrote and compiled on
windows.  how's this so far?

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