[Mono-list] Disk space needed to get going

Alexander Klyubin klyubin@aqris.com
Sun, 19 Aug 2001 10:15:46 +0300

REDIST version, which includes runtimes, C# compiler and some other tools,
takes around 40MB on my machine. With this one, you don't get the MSDN
Library and IL disassembler, but you can still start contributing.

Alexander Klyubin

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> So I got the Beta 2 stuff from Microsoft the other week in the mail and
> figured I'd see what there was and also see if I couldn't give mono a hand
> or two while I'm at it.  Maybe with some unit tests or such till I get up
> to speed.  What I was wondering was how much disk space will I need to get
> enough of .NET installed to get a good grasp of everything?

A standard install will eat 1-1.5Gb of hard drive space in one fell swoop.
And make sure you've got bucketloads of RAM.


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