[Mono-list] mono on FreeBSD, take 2

Dietmar Maurer dietmar@ximian.com
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 08:07:54 +0200

Garrett Rooney wrote:

> so i had some free time and decided to take another crack at mono on freebsd.
> note, this is with code a few days old, so if anything has changed lately,
> this isn't taking that into account.
> i wrote implementations of the is(whatever) math functions for freebsd
> (basically just took the linux versions and used isnan() instead of
> fpclassify().  that got everything compiling fine.

please send the patches, so that we can include them.

> it looks like monodis is working fine (at least its output for a test program
> i wrote seems reasonable).  pedump seems to work, except it complains about
> fields in the CLI header that should be 0 but aren't.  the interpreter itself
> is dying in ves_exec_method() at the CEE_CALL case, right as it calls
> mono_get_method().
> i haven't looked into this closer, as i wanted to verify that i'm actually
> following the right procedure to run this thing.  i built the class libraries
> on windows, and copied corlibx.dll to /usr/local/lib/corlib.dll, since
> mono-int seems to want corlib.dll to be there.  then i just ran mono-int
> test.exe where test.exe is a simple c# program i wrote and compiled on
> windows.  how's this so far?

Great :-) I think you have to use the monolib2 target to make the corlib:

>make CSC=csc monolib2

This include some classes needed by the runtime. There are also some regression
tests in mono/mono/tests. Everything beside exception.exe and struct.exe should

- Dietmar