[Mono-docs-list] Re: status of monodoc and doctools

John Barnette jbarn@httcb.net
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 00:37:25 -0700

At 01:28 PM 2/12/2002, you wrote:
>I've read your ideas about documentation tools with interest.  I am really
>itching to get some of these things implemented.  I've been working on the Qt
>bindings, but these seem to finishing up nicely, so I'll have some extra time
>to work on something else, like the doctools.  I'd like to know the status of
>the MONO.XML specification and if you could publish it, as well as the
>docstub tool.  I've heard that you are not able to work on these right now,
>so if you'd like I could get started.  Let me know.


This is going to be considerably more brief than I wanted, as I just 
discovered that I have to take an emergency business trip, and my flight's 
in a couple of hours. ;-)

My current thinking is a little bit different than what's stated in the 
skeleton document on the website.  After looking things over, I think it'd 
be a good idea for the mono XML to be exactly what csc /doc generates, with 
the addition of a 'lang' or 'locale' attribute on the root element, which 
would use ISO codes to specify region/language.

This way, we can use and contribute to emerging open-source documentation 
frameworks like NDOC rather than rolling our own.  Since the overall goal 
of Mono is to promote code reuse, we might as well eat our own dogfood. ;-)

More later.

~ j.