[Mono-docs-list] looking to help..

John Barnette jbarn@httcb.net
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 09:51:29 -0600

At Wednesday, 13 February 2002, "Joe Betz" <jbetz@pocketinet.com> wrote:
>Great, I can jump in and create the xsl transforms when I have the
>schema or DTD for stub.xml.  I may be able to help with other tools as
>well, depending on skills they require.


One thing that will be really helpful is if those of us interested 
in working on the doc infrastructure start getting involved with 
related non-mono projects like NDOC.  NDOC, especially if we contribute 
and can get some specific features (like easy multilanguage doc generation) 
working, could save us a whole lot of work.

~ j.