[Mono-dev] Red Hat/Fedora packaging

Vladimir Giszpenc vgiszpenc at dsci.com
Tue May 12 12:39:15 EDT 2009


1.  If today's assemblies are noarch and tomorrow's are not, why not
conform to noarch guidelines today and conform to arch dependent
guidelines when the time comes?
2.  The problem is broader than Mono's assemblies.  My original question
is based on ndesk-dbus.  It is a fine managed only implementation (not
only for Mono).
3.  (Out of my depth) Does the CLI not stipulate that variables can be
resized and moved around depending on architecture implying the CIL to
be architecture agnostic?

> > The noarch difficulty:
> > * According to the FHS, if CIL files are architecture independent
> they
> > should live under /usr/share/ instead of under /usr/lib.
> Even if today Mono's assemblies are noarch, we have always reserved
> the right to make them arch specific if needed.
> Miguel.

If this is not write once run anywhere but write once package
everywhere, I will need to go sharpen my pitch fork and get oil for some
torches.  I am in essence being forced to make my package architecture
dependant.  Since you have already dropped support for anything other
than SuSE it may be OK for you, but my software needs to run on Red Hat.
I am looking for a solution to the aot exception*.  I will let the other
distribution packagers complain about how Mono packages its own

Aot-ed binary must be placed side-by-side with dll/exe assembly.  This
is a packaging problem if one wants the CIL to be noarch.

Best regards,


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