[Mono-dev] Red Hat/Fedora packaging

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue May 12 14:24:14 EDT 2009

> 1.  If today's assemblies are noarch and tomorrow's are not, why not
> conform to noarch guidelines today and conform to arch dependent
> guidelines when the time comes?

We would not introduce mysterious bugs by lack of communication.

But as a Fedora folk, do whatever you feel is appropriate for your
distro.   It is one of those "If you break it, you get to keep both

> 3.  (Out of my depth) Does the CLI not stipulate that variables can be
> resized and moved around depending on architecture implying the CIL to
> be architecture agnostic?

Correct.   But we reserve the right to introduce architecture specific
hacks when or if we feel like it.

Basically, we do not want our hands tied at this point, to agree to keep
the code free of architectural deps we would need to have a debate,
discussion and policies that we just have not had and are not planning
on having right now. 

Again, feel free to shortcut the discussion for your own uses in your
particular use/distribution.   We are just not prepared ourselves to
make those changes until we understand all the ins and outs, and with
everything else on our plate, this is a low priority for us.


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