[Mono-dev] Use eglib as a default for mono 2.6

Joachim Ante joe at unity3d.com
Fri Apr 17 19:42:23 EDT 2009

Hi Paolo,

Fair points you make.

If we contribute the changes like you suggested, will you make eglib  
be the default as part of mono 2.6?

Joachim Ante

> On 04/15/09 Joachim Ante wrote:
>> Can you guys please switch to eglib as the default across the board,
>> so that this codepath gets properly tested in the real world. We need
>> to move towards using a single mono source base for all our platforms
>> and relying on external dependencies in mono is a lot of pain when we
>> try to build mono.
>> I asked if that could be done for mono 2.4 and it was too late for
>> that, I understand. But could you guys please fix this for mono 2.6.
>> It would really make a big difference for us.
> I already explained this some time ago, but maybe it was only on  
> irc and
> at the mono summit.
> The short answer is: we will never switch to eglib as default.
> The primary reason is that the eglib symbols would interfere with the
> real glib symbols used by so many mono apps.
> What needs to happen is the following:
> 1) take a data structure implemented in eglib and copy it to mono/ 
> utils,
> renaming the file and the symbols to have mono_ instead of g_ at the
> start.
> 2) replace all the uses of that glib data structure in the mono code
> with the new equivalent mono_ version
> 3) repeat the above for all the data structures, functions and GLib  
> types
> used by mono
> After that is done, remove eglib from svn, remove the glib dependency
> from the mono build, change the libmono version number since the  
> ABI and
> API breaks, fix all the bugs that showed up because of the changes,
> make a new release.
> The library version change will happen together with the other API
> breaks we have planned (which depend on the new GC and a few other  
> minor
> changes in the runtime), but that stuff is not required for your  
> needs.
> So far nobody has volunteered for the tasks 1-3.
> lupus
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