[Mono-dev] Use eglib as a default for mono 2.6

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Apr 17 01:15:44 EDT 2009

> GLib, being a portability library, I think is a nice thing to use.  Is
> there any way that (should the host system not actually have it) the
> Mono build process could use a local copy of it (or fetch a copy and
> build it along with Mono) and just use that?

Yes.   That has always been standard practice in all of the Gnome  
libraries and everything that uses pkg-config.   They have always  
allowed for parallel installation.

> That would seem to me a much more reasonable option than leaving
> altogether.  If the host system doesn't have glib, or it has a glib
> that is far out of date as would seem to be the original cause for  
> this
> thread, Mono can just build a copy and place it in /usr/local/lib  
> along
> with its libraries.

There is no need for Mono to do this.

All you need to do is:
	tar xzvf glib-2.xxx.tar.gz
	cd glib-2*
	./configure --prefix=$HOME/private
	make && make install
	cd ..
	tar xzvf mono-2.4.tar.gz
	cd mono-2.4
	export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$HOME/private/lib/pkgconfig
	./configure --prefix=$HOME/private
	make && make install


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