[Mono-dev] Use eglib as a default for mono 2.6

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Apr 22 13:40:02 EDT 2009


> Fair points you make.
> If we contribute the changes like you suggested, will you make eglib  
> be the default as part of mono 2.6?

There is one last bit that we discussed on irc that did not make it to
the mailing lists.  

glib today features a very powerful slab allocator, and this slab
allocator does have a performance gain in things like the mcs bootstrap

I for one do not want to see Mono become slower by making eglib the only
option.   At least someone needs to do run the various benchmarks on
this switch, it should not be hard to do, just build Mono with eglib on
x86 and run the usual suspects.


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