[Mono-dev] Mono support on Fedora, Ubuntu, Solaris, etc.

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Sep 16 07:58:43 EDT 2008


> So Fedora doesn't do noarch packages?  

No, we do have noarch packages. Non-architecture specific things (like
fonts and config scripts) go in them.

> What Geoff was getting at is bi-arch installations.  In Debian and in
> openSUSE we can install both architectures at once.  Packages that are
> managed-only are marked as noarch and shared between 32 and 64-bit, so
> this scenario doesn't work well for the other major distros.

Correct. Fedora/RedHat certainly build for a specific architecture.
Upshot, compile it on a 64 bit platform and it's done with 64 bit
optimisations from the compiler and you end up with a package which
works optimised under 64 bit systems.

> To summarize a bit: we've recommended that only API-stable libraries go
> into the GAC and that anyone who wants to use an API-unstable library
> should package their own copy of it so that API-incompatibilities do not
> break them.  This is a good policy.

And one I totally agree with. It's even how we package in Fedora. If
it's unstable, it goes in %{_libdir}/package_name. 

> The idea of moving the gac to /usr/share and putting package-specific
> libraries in /usr/share/{package} has been kicked around for a while and
> is worth discussing rationally.  It breaks tradition, but that tradition
> was forged in pre-bi-arch days and maybe we should change it.

True. Given the neutrality of mono, it would seem to be the logical
place for API stable binaries.

> Side note: I've always thought /usr/lib64 was a bad move.  /usr/lib
> should be your native arch (whatever that is) and /usr/lib32 should be
> the foreign arch.  But this breaks third-party 32-bit packages working
> properly on a 64-bit machine so we are stuck with /usr/lib64.

I can see the logic in that, however, I've always thought that /usr/lib
should be the architecture specific lib with /usr/lib32 being the 32 bit
lib on a 64 bit box (and vice versa!).


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