[Mono-dev] Video inside mono application

David Knoernschild dknoern at seattleweb.com
Thu Mar 20 15:22:50 EDT 2008


I am new to mono.  I am working on a DVD ripping, organizing and playing 
applicaiton.  Think "itunes" for (non-drm'd) DVDs.  I have a nice GtK# 
interface created and am ripping by using the native C++ handbrake 
library.  My next task is to add a playback engine.  Ideally I'd like am 
embedded widget that can play MP4 and h264 video.  Obviously I need 
something like portions Totem movie player incorporated in my app.  My 
question is what would be the best starting point to do this?  Should I 
somehow wrap a GTK+ widget or is there a more readily available video 
solution for mono?  I'd rather not re-invent the wheel.  I honestly 
can't find a lot out there in the way of video playback under mono. 



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