[Mono-dev] Linq to Sql Start

Kevin Kubasik kevin at kubasik.net
Wed Sep 19 22:46:55 EDT 2007

As mentioned below, here is a git branch


and you can see it in all it's gitweb glory at


at this moment everything is taking place in linq_kubasik, and once it
builds reliably, I'll merge the changes into master.

Kevin Kubasik

On 9/19/07, Kevin Kubasik <kevin at kubasik.net> wrote:
> Hey! I've started to get going on some of the System.Data.Linq work,
> at the moment, there's not much in terms of real code to show, but
> some initial unit tests (my first ever, sorry they're so incomplete)
> and API updates (Get the public API more in sync with the current 3.5
> Beta 2) and realistic implementation for some of the extension
> methods, static methods, and helper style classes. I hope to delve
> into Table and DataContext later this week (the real toughies) but
> once I 'got' the whole deferred execution thing, this whole system
> started to make a lot more sense. (Hence my writing the CompiledQuery
> class ;) ).
> Anyways, there's too much file movement to do a sane patch, and since
> some of the new files aren't properly integrated into the build
> system, I don't want to submit a patch, however, as I clean up the
> code and make more progress, I'll release a branch later today, once I
> finish cloning SVN for a local repo.
> Anyways, I figured I should drop in some sort of status update, at the
> moment, the biggest hurdle for me is getting build systems to play
> nice, conceptually, it seems easy enough, just add a makefile event
> which outputs the VS projects and solutions. The other thing is I'm
> currently using Resharper to run the Nunit tests, and that needs to be
> added to the makefiles.
> Before I get in too deep, whats the policy with ChangeLogs? I'm
> assuming some sort of comment/description of changes is required,
> however, everyone has their specifics, and I didn't see anything in
> the wiki. Moreover, should I be submitting individual patches for each
> increment I complete? (for example when I finish integrating my tests
> into the build, should I submit that patch or wait until my work is
> 'done'. Seeing as the namespace I'm working on isn't really at risk of
> 'breaking' I would guess that reasonable benchmarks are ok, I'm open
> to whatever. Once I have a public branch of my work up, I'll just
> reference that.
> Sorry for all the dumb questions! I'm just starting to figure this
> whole system out!
> Thanks so much for all the help!
> --
> Cheers,
> Kevin Kubasik
> http://kubasik.net/blog

Kevin Kubasik

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