[Mono-dev] Linq to Sql Start

Kevin Kubasik kevin at kubasik.net
Wed Sep 19 19:20:44 EDT 2007

Hey! I've started to get going on some of the System.Data.Linq work,
at the moment, there's not much in terms of real code to show, but
some initial unit tests (my first ever, sorry they're so incomplete)
and API updates (Get the public API more in sync with the current 3.5
Beta 2) and realistic implementation for some of the extension
methods, static methods, and helper style classes. I hope to delve
into Table and DataContext later this week (the real toughies) but
once I 'got' the whole deferred execution thing, this whole system
started to make a lot more sense. (Hence my writing the CompiledQuery
class ;) ).

Anyways, there's too much file movement to do a sane patch, and since
some of the new files aren't properly integrated into the build
system, I don't want to submit a patch, however, as I clean up the
code and make more progress, I'll release a branch later today, once I
finish cloning SVN for a local repo.

Anyways, I figured I should drop in some sort of status update, at the
moment, the biggest hurdle for me is getting build systems to play
nice, conceptually, it seems easy enough, just add a makefile event
which outputs the VS projects and solutions. The other thing is I'm
currently using Resharper to run the Nunit tests, and that needs to be
added to the makefiles.

Before I get in too deep, whats the policy with ChangeLogs? I'm
assuming some sort of comment/description of changes is required,
however, everyone has their specifics, and I didn't see anything in
the wiki. Moreover, should I be submitting individual patches for each
increment I complete? (for example when I finish integrating my tests
into the build, should I submit that patch or wait until my work is
'done'. Seeing as the namespace I'm working on isn't really at risk of
'breaking' I would guess that reasonable benchmarks are ok, I'm open
to whatever. Once I have a public branch of my work up, I'll just
reference that.

Sorry for all the dumb questions! I'm just starting to figure this
whole system out!

Thanks so much for all the help!

Kevin Kubasik

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