[Mono-dev] Problem with VS 2005 project file for Gendarme

Richard.Foster at quixotecorp.com Richard.Foster at quixotecorp.com
Fri Sep 14 08:58:19 EDT 2007

Hi there,


Sorry for bursting in like this... but I recently stumbled upon Gendarme
and was considering using it to enforce some rather specific
requirements related to our code. (It's either a case of writing a rule
for Gendarme, creating a custom utility, or write a rule library for
FxCop, and I like open source tools better!)


Anyway, it seems that the VS 2005 solution files are not up to date. In
particular, the console runner does not include a reference to the
gendarme.xsl file, which results in a null reference exception when
attempting to generate an HTML report.


Is this something which should be fixed, or should the VS 2005 project
files be deprecated?




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