[Mono-dev] Request for "Final Year Project" Ideas

Jensen Somers jensen.somers at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 06:01:29 EST 2007


Last year I found myself in the same situation, I wanted to do something
with Linux, but I was only allowed to do something that would also work on
After browsing through some Linux forum's and IRC channels, I found that
people would like to see an FTP client, similar to FlashFXP and FTPRush. We
only have gFTP (or the KDE equivalent) as graphical FTP clients, and there
functionality is very limited.

Because I had little time, I had to study .NET, C#, mono, GTK#, make UML
drawings and so on, I was unable to finish this project, and I only
implemented the same functionality gFTP has.

The demand is still there, especially for new users that want more
functionality then gFTP can offer (FXP, resume, queue, advanced bookmarks,
statistics, ...).

This project, how simple it may look, covers many basics: creating a nice
and easy to use GUI, implementing the FTP protocol (network related)...
Many of the features I had to program myself because I was using .NET
1.0have been implemented in .NET
2.0 nowadays, so you'll probably won't have to go through all the trouble I
went through, still this is something that won't be made overnight.

Because I'm currently involved in other projects besides work, I don't have
the time to restart (because of .NET 1.0 and poor implementation, I'll
basically have to start from scratch if I want to continue development) this
project any time soon, so if people are waiting for me to complete this,
they'll have to wait a long time :)

Hope this gives you an idea. :)

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