[Mono-dev] Request for "Final Year Project" Ideas

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Feb 12 15:49:20 EST 2007


> one thing that keeps going on in my mind is a a "Plugin Framework" which could 
> provide an easy way to implement a Plugin-Support into Application.

We have a handful of plugin architectures build on each application
(Banshee has one, Beagle has another one, MonoDevelop has another one).

And .NET 3.5 will have its own (They call them AddIns).


> This Framework could for example implement an easy to use way to dynamically 
> load and manage plugins and extend control of threads and plugins beyond what 
> is currently possible with the framework, like memory-consumption and 
> cpu-usage of the plugins. The guys from secondlife did that with 
> their "microthreading". (See the secondlife video from 
> http://www.langnetsymposium.com/speakers.asp if you don't know what I'm 
> talking about, it's definitely worth watching!)
> Kind Regards,
> Valentin S.
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