[Mono-dev] Request for "Final Year Project" Ideas

Ivan N. Zlatev contact at i-nz.net
Tue Feb 13 09:16:06 EST 2007


* Speech recognition

I don't see how a speech recognition is really related to mono. I
don't think C#/mono is a right choice for such a thing anyway, also I
am quite certain that there is something of quality out there already
or even if there isn't there is probably some code base available.

* Plugin Framework

I agree with what Miguel said about the plugin framework.


This sounds like quite a major and huge thing. Unfortunatly I am not a
one man army and I will have to have some working deliverables (and I
doubt a "Hey look! I've managed to get a WPF button to show up" will
do very well :-) ). I might be wrong of course.

* Olive

I am not targeting at anything currently, because I don't have a
particular idea in mind. I don't particulary like the idea of
abstraction layers. As for something like the olive tree - if it is
self-contained and realistic and has good deliverables in terms of
"product" type of thing.


Nothing personal, but not yet another FTP client please. Instead of
wasting your time on reinventing the wheel, you should have improved
something that is already there and learned from its code base. Not
meaning to be harsh or anything.

Ivan N. Zlatev

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