[Mono-dev] Re your blog - New MonoDevelop is out!

Miguel de Icaza miguel at gnome.org
Sat Sep 9 13:28:44 EDT 2006


> Setting up a web-site where any user may register and do translation 
> work will lower the barrier for doing translation work tremendously. Not 
> only for people NOT having the technical skills needed. This would 
> enable me to contribute some when I have a few left-over minutes, even 
> when I'm nowhere near my own PC. It will also enable the translators to 
> spend all the time focusing on the task at hand (translation) and not 
> having to focus on the technical sides (like CVS/SVN, posting the 
> translations to a mailing-list, ...). ...not that I find those to be 
> complicated or time-consuming tasks, but they someone without technical 
> knowledge would, and I already gave the example of not being near my own PC.

Yes, a web-based solution might be the best possible solution to lower
the barrier for participation.

In particular, Gnome gets a lot of translations from their existing
community, but we in the Mono world have a couple of problems:

	* We have not chosen a standard translation framework (yes,
	  we need to sort this out) today we have a few different
	  choices: gettext and resources.

	* We have not instrumented for translations most of our own


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