[Mono-dev] Re your blog - New MonoDevelop is out!

Roger Sylte rsylte at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 04:26:42 EDT 2006

Hi Miguel,

I just read your post about the new MonoDevelop-release 
(http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2006/Sep-06-1.html) on your blog. I 
find your idea concerning internationalization in the "My 
Wish-list"-section to be very interesting.

I tend to keep very busy, and I have never taken the time to look into 
what is needed to set up my PC to do translation work. And it's not that 
I don't have the technical knowledge to understand how.

Setting up a web-site where any user may register and do translation 
work will lower the barrier for doing translation work tremendously. Not 
only for people NOT having the technical skills needed. This would 
enable me to contribute some when I have a few left-over minutes, even 
when I'm nowhere near my own PC. It will also enable the translators to 
spend all the time focusing on the task at hand (translation) and not 
having to focus on the technical sides (like CVS/SVN, posting the 
translations to a mailing-list, ...). ...not that I find those to be 
complicated or time-consuming tasks, but they someone without technical 
knowledge would, and I already gave the example of not being near my own PC.

A web-site should also be able to direct multiple translators in 
translating the same project without doing duplicate work.

The user interface should have the potential be real simple. As a user 
you should be able to select a project you would like to contribute to. 
For version two of the web-site you should be able to create a list of 
projects, with stats about work done and work left. Once you have 
selected a project you should be presented with a simple, short, list of 
sentences to be translated. No more than 5-10 sentences at a time. After 
submitting you should be presented with the next batch of sentences.

You should also be able to go back and correct your previous 
translation-batches if you find you have made any mistake.

Maybe it should be possible to browse through other users translation 
and mark/comment where you find the translation are inaccurate or incorrect?

In addition to the text to be translated it should be possible to add 
some data revealing the context of the text to be translated. Maybe 
screen-shots of the user interface?


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