[Mono-dev] [Fwd: [Mono-patches] r56597- trunk/mcs/class/System.XML/Test/System.Xml.Schema]

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Mon Feb 6 22:14:29 EST 2006


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> Gert,
> Please revert this patch which is done without any agreement.

I know, but I thought it was a very trivial patch.

> There is a reason I marked it as NotWorking - it is for
> compatibility kids. 

Why mark something "NotWorking" if it is indeed working ?

> I am not likely to fix this trivial stuff
> soon, but someone might notice the impl. difference from it.
> Marking NotDotNet is clearly wrong: we do not test and complain
> if mono fails to assert this behavior.
> (Leaving Assertion->Assert changes is OK.)
> Actually why did you mark it as NotDotNet? It does not fail under
> .NET 2.0 (or do you have different .NET 2.0 than mine, 2.0.50727 ?)

On my systems, it only failed on .NET 2.0 (but worked fine on Mono 1.0/2.0
and MS.NET 1.x).

I'll revert the patch in the morning, if you still want me to by them (it's
already 4 am, so time to call it a day).


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