[Mono-dev] Componentized memory manager

Mark E. mnmfactory at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 18:20:55 EDT 2006


On 8/31/06, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at ximian.com> wrote:
> This is possible to some extent today with Mono, we have a number of
> "GC" backends already made pluggable.

Cool. I wasn't aware of that.

A full pluggable architecture (something to plug at runtime instead of
> compile time) would probably be more work [...]

I image it could be done at the time when a specific runtime is targeted.

> The short answer is that this is not too difficult, and it might be a
> worthwhile research project for someone to take on.

Thanks for the information and response. I'm glad to hear that it wouldn't
be such an impossible thing to do.

-Mark E.
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