[Mono-dev] Componentized memory manager

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Aug 31 17:27:24 EDT 2006


> 1) If a memory manager could be replaced, I could re-implement one (or
> modify an OpenSource one) to circumvent DRM. I can see that being why
> MS won't do it. 
> 2) Complexity of the integration.
> 3) Not a large enough perceived benefit/need.
> What are your thoughts?

This is possible to some extent today with Mono, we have a number of
"GC" backends already made pluggable.

A full pluggable architecture (something to plug at runtime instead of
compile time) would probably be more work and we would miss some
optimizations;  It is also targeted today only to replace the GC, you
might possibly want to look into something broader.

The short answer is that this is not too difficult, and it might be a
worthwhile research project for someone to take on.

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