[Mono-dev] Keep-alive connection with Remoting?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Aug 8 16:06:53 EDT 2006


Ympostor wrote:
> However, in case you're interested, now I am investigating this one 
> (which I haven't managed to make it work yet but I suspect the reason
> is that I am running it with 2.0 Framework and I should use 1.1 or
> update the sources...):

The MS.NET 2.0 remoting stack is pretty the same as in 1.0.
Does the sample work in MS.NET?

> http://www.codeproject.com/csharp/reachability.asp?df=100&forumid=15864&exp=0&select=540926

Nice! That's a really smart solution.

> The only things I haven't clarified yet is the license of the code (I
>  don't find it, although the fact of being published at codeproject 
> smells that it's LGPL-like or at least GPL-like) and the scalability
>  which I could support with this method. Hopefully I will post here
> my results if I go further, in case anyone would be interested.

Here's what I found:


If you post to CodeProject then you retain copyright of your article and 
code. You also give CodeProject permission to use it in a fair manner 
and also permit other developers to use the sourcecode associated with 
your articles in their own applications as long as they do not remove 
your copyright notices or try and take credit for your work.

I don't understand the "or try and take credit for your work." part.

It's probably better to contact the author for a true OSS license.


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