[Mono-dev] Keep-alive connection with Remoting?

Ympostor ympostor at clix.pt
Wed Aug 9 06:39:47 EDT 2006

Robert Jordan wrote:
> Hey,
> Ympostor wrote:
>> However, in case you're interested, now I am investigating this one 
>> (which I haven't managed to make it work yet but I suspect the reason
>> is that I am running it with 2.0 Framework and I should use 1.1 or
>> update the sources...):
> The MS.NET 2.0 remoting stack is pretty the same as in 1.0.

I know, but it's throwing exceptions because of these little differences.

> Does the sample work in MS.NET?

Well, actually I haven't tried with Mono yet :/ But I asked on Mono list 
because I like it much more than the MS C# newsgroups :)

I have solved the issues with the following changes:

- Used the new overload for the method RemotingConfiguration.Configure 
which receives false as the second parameter.
- Use the attribute typeFilterLevel="Full" for the formatters in the 
config files (as stated at: 
- Change port="6001" to port="0" on the client.exe.config file so as to 
allow launching several clients from the same machine.

It gives some more obsolete warnings (1.1 API) but now it works 
flawlessly :D

> It's probably better to contact the author for a true OSS license.

Well, if I port it completely to the 2.0 stack I will publish the work 
as GPL leaving the note about the author ;)


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