[Mono-dev] Keep-alive connection with Remoting?

Ympostor ympostor at clix.pt
Tue Aug 8 14:52:59 EDT 2006

Thanks for the info Robert! I continue inline...

Robert Jordan wrote:
> Ympostor wrote:
>> Ympostor wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> I have done a small proof of concept of Remoting and found out that it 
>>> works as a connection-made-by-demand. I thought that the MarshalRefByObj 
>>> worked using always the same connection.
>>> Is there a way to use only a connection (with a somewhat keep-alive 
>>> behaviour) between the client and the server so as to allow to bypass 
>>> any firewalls (that prevent incoming connections, like NAT) that may 
>>> affect the client?
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> Hello again.
>> I think that what I am looking for is this:
>> http://www.ingorammer.com/Software/OpenSourceRemoting/BiDirTcpChannel.html
>> However, it says it is alpha and unsupported software.
>> Any other ideas from the list?
> This one, but it's a commercial product:
> http://www.genuinechannels.com/

Yes, it's referenced in the URL I gave previously but, of course, I am 
primarily looking for a non-commercial solution.

> It used to run pretty well on Windows and their support was great.
> I dunno whether Mono is supported in the meanwhile.
> BTW, before using remoting for something productive, you should
> read Ingo's FAQ (the author of the Bidir-channel):
> http://www.thinktecture.com/Resources/RemotingFAQ/RemotingUseCases.html
> You'll probably find out that some of those fancy remoting
> features don't make sense in all contexts.

Thanks for the extra info. I will have a look.

However, in case you're interested, now I am investigating this one 
(which I haven't managed to make it work yet but I suspect the reason is 
that I am running it with 2.0 Framework and I should use 1.1 or update 
the sources...):


The author states that it supports pure bi-directional communication 
using Remoting (it's only a new channel type implementation like the one 
from Ingo), and that it's even simpler ("more lightweight" is the exact 
term used) than the Genuine Channels.

The only things I haven't clarified yet is the license of the code (I 
don't find it, although the fact of being published at codeproject 
smells that it's LGPL-like or at least GPL-like) and the scalability 
which I could support with this method. Hopefully I will post here my 
results if I go further, in case anyone would be interested.


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