[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Add default code page to build system

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Sep 6 09:07:09 EDT 2005


> Our compiler, mcs uses ISO-28591 as the default code page. This means that
> the whole class library is compiled using this code page and we seem to use
> this code page (ISO-28591) as it compiles. The only exception is
> Microsoft.VisualBasic. It uses UTF-8 for a long time and it uses
> /codepage:650001 in it's Makefile.
> The patch does not change the code page we use. Currently it's primary goal
> is that we should specify our default code page on mcs code page instead of
> in mcs source code that should use Encoding.Default as the default code
> page. Specifying default code page on command line let us use csc.exe as
> well on all systems at it defaults to Encoding.Default.
> Is the patch OK to commit or are there any other issues?

You forgot to attach the patch.

We are about to freeze the tree for the 1.1.9 release, so a  patch like
this should not go in until after the release.

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