[Mono-dev] Mono Meeting in LA, September 13th, during Microsoft PDC.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Sep 6 08:59:50 EDT 2005

Pass the word.

Full announcement: http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2005/Sep-06.html

        Mono users meeting at the Microsoft PDC. 
        Date: Tuesday September 13th. 
        Location: Sheraton Downtown LA hotel, a short walk (map) from
        the Staples Conventions Center. 
        Time:The meeting will start at 6pm and will go until 9:30pm. 
        Pass the word to other fellow .NET developers. 
        On the meeting we will talk about the Mono Project's current
        state, milestones, new developments and upcoming releases.
        Various Mono developers will be there to answer your questions
        both members of the community and Novell employees working on
        The evening surprise is the unveiling of the new Mono T-Shirts
        design by Finnish artist Tuomas Kuosmanen. We will be giving out
        t-shirts to the attendees. 
        We will showcase some of the Mono-based applications we have
        built for Linux: 
              * iFolder file sharing and synchronization, 
              * the Banshee media player, 
              * our new photo management software, 
              * the desktop search, 
              * the MonoDevelop IDE and 
              * the GTK# GUI toolkit which is the API we use to create
                all of these applications. 
        We will also showcase the new vector-based rendering APIs
        available for developers (completely cross-platform) as well as
        the new OpenGL-based windowing system. 
        We will answer your questions on how to bring your .NET
        applications to Linux, MacOS X and Solaris and how to take
        advantage of the Mono and Linux-specific APIs. 
        Finally, we will demo some of the the new Mono software funded
        by Google's Summer of Code: 
              * XBuild: the open source msbuild implementation for
                assisting you in rebuilding your new projects on Mono. 
              * Ruby.NET and PHP.NET compilers. 
              * The DIVA Movie editor. 
              * The new ASP.NET editor. 
              * The .NET bug finder. 
              * The Cecil libraries for reading and writing CIL images. 
              * Mono's XAML compiler. 
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