[Mono-dev] System.Colletions.Generic.SortedList

Felix Marthaler mono-devel-list at marfix.net
Sat Oct 29 09:50:46 EDT 2005

Hi thanks for the answer.

> * Since the enumerator is private, can you use a `yield' based one?
> that will be cleaner. * The indentation is a bit funkey, please use
> tags

Yes that's right i have forget it to clean it. now it has to be okey.

> * When you do int pos = Array.IndexOf(this.sortedKeys, key); for
> Contains, etc, you should use binary search, as it will be faster

fixed now. thanks for this information.

> * It's cleaner to do if (blah) throw Exception; ... rather than if
> (!blah) ...; else throw Exception ();

it's changed

> * IDictionary.Remove argument checking is incorrect


> * Needs test cases

I Tested it with the examples from msdn2 that works. I will do this as
soon as possible.

> * (does msft use some sort of tree structure here? -- this is only
> an initial impl, so it's not really necessary to be fully optimal).
> -- Ben


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