[Mono-dev] Problem with asmx file

Simon Bain sibain at tendotzero.com
Fri Oct 7 05:43:26 EDT 2005


my asmx file is

<%@ WebService Class="EdrmsWebService.EDRMSWebServiceClass" %>

I have compiled the c# (This is the difference I believe) dll and placed
it into the bin directory.
I have apache 2 as the web server which calls mod_mono for all things mono.

The dll itself was written in Visual Studio, I did recompile a previous
version with mono, (but the current version I wrote more carefully :-) )

In Visual Studio do you get the wsdl file when you call your asmx page
with /name.asmx?wsdl

ie http://www.tendotzero.com/edrmsService/edrms.asmx?wsdl

My understanding is that as long as mono recognises the underlying web
service application, it will create these views. (Is this correct

I am at present writing a web service in C++ but have not written a web
app to connect to it, just desk top apps and so am guessing here. However
I am going to hazard a guess that your app may not be recognised, because
mono does not recognise the C++ and so cannot asertain the wsdl

For gSoap requests try the apache module
I have not used it so cannot say how good bad o indifferent it is, however
my assumption is that it will be pretty good.

This will then allow you to create a web app in c# which will give you all
of the benefits that it has for web applications. This app will run on
mono, the back end calls will inturn be run by the apache gsoap module.
Giving you the best of both worlds.

or... No we will not go there.

Hope this helps

Simon Bain
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<quote who="Johann BLAIS">
> Hi.
> Did you write the complete asmx ?
> I have generated the C# proxies for my web services, compiled them in a
> dll. So i don't want the rewrite the whole asmx file, because my web
> service is written in C++ with gsoap.
> I tried the tutorial on the mono website, concerning GTK# and the
> webservices, but i get an error trying to view the page.
> Thanks
> Johann.
> Simon Bain a écrit :
>>(Sorry forgot to reply all :-) )
>>If you are talking about the page which IIS sends back when you call the
>>asmx file, then the mono mod_mono_server also does this every bit as
>> well,
>>giving back all the infomation which IIS sends to you.
>>Take a look at
>>It will show you the default view from the mod_mono_server for a web
>> service.

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