[Mono-dev] Problem with asmx file

Johann BLAIS jblais at perinfo.biz
Fri Oct 7 06:00:27 EDT 2005


Simon Bain a écrit :

>my asmx file is
><%@ WebService Class="EdrmsWebService.EDRMSWebServiceClass" %>
>I have compiled the c# (This is the difference I believe) dll and placed
>it into the bin directory.
>I have apache 2 as the web server which calls mod_mono for all things mono.
I did the same thing except, i'm using XSP, but i get the error posted 
in my first mail.

>The dll itself was written in Visual Studio, I did recompile a previous
>version with mono, (but the current version I wrote more carefully :-) )
>In Visual Studio do you get the wsdl file when you call your asmx page
>with /name.asmx?wsdl
I do not use VS.

>ie http://www.tendotzero.com/edrmsService/edrms.asmx?wsdl
>My understanding is that as long as mono recognises the underlying web
>service application, it will create these views. (Is this correct
>I am at present writing a web service in C++ but have not written a web
>app to connect to it, just desk top apps and so am guessing here. However
>I am going to hazard a guess that your app may not be recognised, because
>mono does not recognise the C++ and so cannot asertain the wsdl
I've already built my web app calling C++ web services. It works fine. 
The problem is i want to develop new web services.
So i wanted to use the mono/IIS generated page to be able to test my web 
service without having to write my own test pages.

>For gSoap requests try the apache module
>I have not used it so cannot say how good bad o indifferent it is, however
>my assumption is that it will be pretty good.
>This will then allow you to create a web app in c# which will give you all
>of the benefits that it has for web applications. This app will run on
>mono, the back end calls will inturn be run by the apache gsoap module.
>Giving you the best of both worlds.
>or... No we will not go there.
>Hope this helps

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