[Mono-dev] Problem with asmx file

Johann BLAIS jblais at perinfo.biz
Fri Oct 7 05:03:04 EDT 2005


Did you write the complete asmx ?
I have generated the C# proxies for my web services, compiled them in a 
dll. So i don't want the rewrite the whole asmx file, because my web 
service is written in C++ with gsoap.
I tried the tutorial on the mono website, concerning GTK# and the 
webservices, but i get an error trying to view the page.



Simon Bain a écrit :

>(Sorry forgot to reply all :-) )
>If you are talking about the page which IIS sends back when you call the
>asmx file, then the mono mod_mono_server also does this every bit as well,
>giving back all the infomation which IIS sends to you.
>Take a look at
>It will show you the default view from the mod_mono_server for a web service.

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