[Mono-devel-list] Re: [Mono-list] SCI Sockets

Vadim B. Guzev vguzev at yandex.ru
Tue Mar 29 02:27:38 EST 2005

>It should not be hard to add this flag;  It requires changes to the
>runtime and the libraries, am not sure if we want to put those changes
>directly into Mono though.
>It depends on the quality of the patch I guess.

Thanks. I've found a workaround for this problem... Called IP over SCI :)
This is much more easier than adding special flags to Mono and it doesn't require any changes in user's programs. Here, for example, I compared the same simple program that sent some data through the eth and sci:

[vadim at node-11 clientserver]$ mono Client.exe node-12
Sent successfully!
Total time: 00:00:10.3646250

[vadim at node-11 clientserver]$ mono Client.exe scip-12
Sent successfully!
Total time: 00:00:03.0824960

Best regards,
Vadim B. Guzev

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