[Mono-devel-list] mod_mono and xsp

Fabio Marini f.marini at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 05:53:28 EST 2005

Hi Adrian and thanks for your reply.

>  MonoApplications "/fmarini:/var/www/html/fmarini"

That didn't do it

>  You could try an Alias /fmarini "/var/www/html/fmarini" and access it
> through http://localhost/fmarini I'm almost certain this will work.

I tried that and two things can happen:
1. with the <Directory> directive I can find the page, but mono
doesn't kick in, i.e. .aspx pages are not displayed correctly (only
2. with the <Location> directive I get the same HTTP 404...

The error i get in Apache log is:
[Sat Mar 26 10:46:36 2005] [error] No application found for

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ciao - Fabio

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